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Not long ago there was no need to discuss the act of,  “passing on Heritage … skills, knowledge, respect, appreciation or whatever”.  This was an ingrained act, from the outgoing generation to the next.  An elemental part of societies foundation.  Inseparable. Immutable. Indispensable.

If a person were to espouse the need to protect such basic linings of life’s attire, he/she would have been the laughing stock of the community.  It is easy to imagine how such a retort, to said warning, would have gone. Something like this, no doubt.

“Why my good man.  Have you lost your senses? 

Why would we spend hard won time to protect what God, the Earth and Life itself have given, as common to us here as the rising of the sun on the morrow. 

You would serve yourself better by putting your energies into preparing for the coming winter.  Now, there is something to work toward.” 

Laughs and guffaws are heard all around.

But now… Today?  Well, our ancestors, the people of yesteryear, would be greatly dismayed to find the current Heritage state-of-affairs.  They would find a severe lax, regarding the importance of Heritage. The very core of their comments: referred to as, “…element to life itself”… are either ignored or deemed unimportant; irrelevant.

Where did we get SO — off-track?  Or, are we — off-track?  Many would say it all depends upon ones perspective.

I agree… in part.  But, not to the liking of the more modern position; the Conventional Wisdom, giving rise to today’s current issue of, Common Sense.

I believe the position we have taken – with regard to our perspective – is suspect.  Our perspective today lacks depth in the long-view sense.  I rather believe our perspective – has become perverted – by the narrow and short-minded view of today’s social depravity.  Ushered in by a predilection for ‘popular thinking’; aka, Conventional Wisdom; which, today, regards anything that did not come from the ‘popular thinking pool’, to be unusable, archaic and therefore, worthless.

This IS the very reason I developed the, O’fieldstream Heritage Journal.

In this publication, I – and others who share my sentiment. Sentiment which BTW, is not of a personal bend. This is NOT ABOUT any person. The importance of Heritage sharing if far bigger than any one – or group of persons! This sentiment, is based upon a long-held system of beliefs, spanning millennia of generations of humanity.

It is our hope, this publication, our social media presence and our efforts, will provide a thread of direction back to the basics of our Heritage and the realization, we are all responsible for providing that occasional and reminding tap on the shoulder of, ‘… what we should be doing…’.   In the case of Outdoor Heritage the tap is —

TAP – Teach. Pass. Protect.


Read HOW O’fieldstream differs from the rest of the outdoor publications, on and off-line.


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