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WE … it’s about U+I

How important – TO YOU – is your ability to enjoy Outdoor Activities?

A LOT you say? Then you have the opportunity to PROVE IT.

Read this report as of August 23, 2011 – Fly-fishing industry threatened by Congress .

Now… you MUST DECIDE: What are YOU going to DO about it?

No, this is not a matter of letting ‘others’ … bear-the-burden, carry-the-load, fight-the-fight or launch-one-for-the-Gipper… NO, it’s time YOU take a personal stand, make a personal investment .. or your TIME, ENERGY and SOUL …and if you can, money.

That’s right, money is not the first thing requested, nor is it required. It is the last thing needed.

The cry of, ‘Give now, to solve the problems we face…’, has been the siren call that has become the ignition-booster in the fire that is ready to burst – out of control and onto the scene. This seek-for-money, has blurred our view, clouded our judgement and influenced our motives.

Money is not poison. But power is. In our society, money is the all perceived power. Remove the money and there is no power. Thus, we do not want to loose the Power of WE, when the money is gone. WE must exist and be effective through our personal investment of TIME, ENERGY and SOUL. It can be done. But will it be done. Time will tell.

So, if you think you can only give money, and leave the other three elements out – DON’T BOTHER ! You are part of the problem. WE do not need any part of the problem contaminating our efforts. Thanks, but, No Thanks.

Let’s hope enough people are willing to get involved so that YOU and I can become a WE.

But, lets not deceive ourselves into thinking this all just started with the recent inductees into the inner-circle-of-great-discombobulation. It has been building for a long time.

There are also more players in the foil than the obvious reveals. This is a clear case of, “It’s not what you see that hurts you nearly as much as what you do not see.” There are forces, fired by agendas unrelated to each other, willing to ally to each other to accomplish their agenda-based goals. They are quite dissimilar, but the results will be identical. Those results will culminate in the loss of our two most precious commodities: Freedom and Natural Resource.

That the current warning flag comes from the fly-fishing industry does not mean the rest of the outdoor heritage activities will go unscathed. EVERYONE who enjoys a nice walk into the woods, meadows, plains, mountains, or deserts – as a refreshing break from the daily grind – is under-the-gun.

Whether you’re just a casual stroller, bird-watcher, weekend or obsessed fisherman, occasional or life-long hunter, competition junky, or a tweed-donning-purist… each and every one – regardless of purpose in the outdoors – will loose. The will be no exceptions!

At last count, that includes roughly 90% of the entire human population. THAT! … is a loss _TOO BIG_ to allow.

So, yeah. It’s a big, scary, deal! I guess the only question left is this:  

What are YOU going to DO about it?

Again I will repeat: Let’s hope enough people are willing to get involved so that YOU and I can become a WE.

U+I = WE

This formula could be translated as: Unified Individuals Working Environmentally.

That acronymous statement may seem more an oxymoron and an impossible task. It may be, but …

Exceptional problems require exceptional thinking to produce exceptional solutions.

This would be a very good step toward an… Exceptional Outcome.

Arthur O’fieldsteam


John James Audubon, Father of Modern Ornithology

Today is the birthday of the man who gave America, and yes, the world, a reason to watch the bows of trees, eaves of buildings, backyards, forests, clearings, prairie and swamp. A reason to be interested in the myriad of connections we now refer to as the Environment.

Today is the birthday of the man who gave life to an entire industry built around the interest and adoration of one of creations most adored elements.

Born on this date in 1785, in Les Cayes, Santo Domingo (present day Haiti), Jean Rabin was raised in France. Later as a young man he moved to Pennsylvania to care for his father’s land. In 1808 he married a young lady named Lucy Blakewell, who encouraged his artistic talent: painting birds. Though he did so in his spare time, he was trying to make a go of it as a business. By 1820 he gave up on business and turned to the study of birds and painting them full-time. This became his life’s work. His Birds of America, contained life-sized portraits of 1,065 individual birds. Published in four volumes between 1827 and 1838, the man christened Jean Rabin, but now known as John James Audubon, relentlessly promoted it.

Audubon was initially scorned by the ornithologists of his day for posing his subjects in natural habitats and poses. However, today we greatly appreciate his desire to document the wonders of the avian world in a more natural presentation.

Audubon has a very colorful history. Most befitting of the man who first put the world of Birds in colorful tableau before the rest of the humanity.

Read more about this intriguing character of history online at the following:

John James Audubon, About.com
John James Audbom, Wikipedia.com
The Audubon Society
John James Audubon, NNDB

Consider looking up the nearest Audubon Society meetingin your area and attending a meeting. They openly encourage visitors.

I did so recently and am very glad I did. I’m getting hooked on Birding!

Find a BirdWalk as well and participate. You’ll be amazed to find what you’ve been missing – even when you’re looking at it!

Bird Watching isn’t the ‘watching paint-dry’ mind-numbing experience many mistakenly presumed. It’s fun. It’s social. It’s entertaining. And you get outdoors … if not the MOST important part of the whole exercise!

As you go about your day today, and throughout the rest of your life, when you see the birds on wing, roost or about their daily duties of seeking food, making shelter and reproducing their kinds, think of John J. Audubon. He made caring for birds more than just a meal time adventure. Had he not done so, well, there just may not be turkeys and ducks and upland birds to hunt, nor chickadees, nuthatches, finches and cardinals to delight in at our feeders.

People care about birds and wildlife today, owed much to the study and promotion of birds by John James Audubon. Who on this day, would have been 223 years old.

You know there are oak trees in Pennsylvania that were saplings when Audubon was collecting his samples. Now THAT is amazing!!